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Wedding Venue, Baby Shower, and Kids Birthday Party Place

Welcome to ABQPartySpace, the perfect party venue in Albuquerque! We’re here to provide an affordable party venue for just about any celebration out there, whether it’s as a kids’ birthday party place, a baby shower rental space, or a wedding venue (including the wedding dinner and reception!).

We saw a need for a party space in Albuquerque that was affordable to everyone, because we knew far too many of the other options were out of the typical person’s price range. As it turns out, we were exactly what the city was looking for, and every day of the week we’re hosting parties galore. Keep reading to find out exactly why we’re such a happening place!

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What Our Space Is Like

Why is ABQPartySpace such a popular party venue in Albuquerque? We created our space to be the perfect space for as many types of parties and events as possible, and we made sure it would be located at one of the most convenient locations possible for the bulk of Albuquerque citizens.

Our event venue is located at 300 Menaul Blvd NW, Suite 200 in Albuquerque. To give you an idea of just how convenient it is, it’s located one block from I-40 and a few blocks from I-25. Right at the Big I.

Why did we choose such a central location? Because we know how people grumble when a wedding venue is way out in the middle of nowhere, especially if you’re serving alcohol and their Uber is going to cost them $100 to get home! We simply want to make it as simple as possible for everyone who’s attending.

The Amenities

We know very well that there are other places to have parties in Albuquerque, but we opened our event venue because we realized how many people were looking for a great space that was actually affordable while providing them with everything they needed in a party venue.

You might be wondering what makes one event venue better than another? What can one offer that another lacks? And to be frank, what are the others charging you exorbitant amounts for that we offer for free, or at least a very good price? Here’s are some of the advantages you’ll get when you go with ABQPartySpace!

What You Get For Free

When you go with ABQPartySpace, you’ll get the free stuff that should be free everywhere (but isn’t). For instance, you get:

Prep Time – We give you 1 hour and 45 minutes of free decorating time, extra time that many other event venues will charge you for.

Dance Floor – We have a new dance floor, and it’s huge! After all, it’s not a party without dancing!

Wifi – Because it’s criminal to charge for wifi in this day and age!

State of The Art DJ System – Make announcements, connect your smartphone, or bring your own music player and DJ your own event!

Party Hostess – Someone will always be on site to help clean up any emergency spills.

Air Conditioning – Because this is Albuquerque, and we’re going to need it for many months throughout the year.

Parking – Mobile security is provided for late-night events.

The Option To Bring Your Own Food – At our event venue, you can provide your own food (with the options to use our catering).

Tables and Chairs – Don’t worry about providing tables and chairs. Whether it’s an Albuquerque wedding or a simple baby shower, we’ll give people a place to sit and eat.

Parachute Curtains – Because every good wedding needs a beautiful backdrop.

Late Nights – Parties can go until 1 am, so dance the night away.

Clean Up – That’s right! When you leave, all you have to do is grab what you want to keep and head out the door. We’ll clean up for you!

The Discounted Services We Offer

In many cases big hotels, convention centers, and other party venues will seem like a good deal until they start tacking on the extras. ABQPartySpace can arrange affordable services that can enhance your Albuquerque wedding, kids’ birthday party, baby shower, or other event.

Catering – You can bring your own food, or we can cater. It’s up to you!

DJs – If you don’t want to be worrying about the music all night, we can provide a great DJ at an excellent price.

Photographers and Videographers – Not every wedding venue in Albuquerque can get you such an affordable photographer or videographer. ABQPartySpace has the connections to find you a good one for the right price.

Wedding Officiant – If you’re not close with the leader at your place of worship, we can provide a wedding officiant who will make sure you’re legally married at the end of the day!

Hotel Rooms With Shuttle – ABQPartySpace has made deals with local hotels to provide hotel rooms and shuttles that will get you and your guests to and from the event.

Linens – While the table and chairs are free, the linens always need laundering afterward and necessitate a small fee. Trust us, it’s a better deal than you’ll get at other event venues!

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Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

One of the most common uses of ABQPartySpace is as an Albuquerque wedding venue. We saw the prices that many other event venues were charging and realized that it was just too much. Other wedding venues were too far out of the city and put a burden on many of the guests. Not only are we conveniently located in the heart of Albuquerque (right at the Big I), but we offer a clean, friendly, and exciting location for people at the most competitive price in the city.

Why Have Your Wedding Venue At ABQPartySpace?

If you’re looking for a venue for your wedding and your reception, that is accommodating and can save you thousands of dollars, then you have to check out what we have to offer!

Choose from our special gift options

With our wedding packages we offer a few special gift options.

  • Free night at MCM Elegante in Albuquerque including 2 free drinks per guest and complimentary breakfast OR free rehearsal dinner in your banquet room with free pizza up to 15 guests.

                                AND 2 of the following gifts

  • Save the date photo session
  • Wedding planning session
  • Private one on one salsa dance lesson for the couple or the wedding party.

2 Amazing rooms to choose from.

Depending on the intended size of your wedding party we have 2 beautiful banquet rooms to choose from. Our West Room seats 116 people and our East Room seats up to 144 people and is a little bit larger. The pricing will range from $799-$999 on Friday evenings and $1,199-$1,7999 on Saturday nights. For a free quote please click here.

Your dream venue

 Our wedding venue event specialists in Albuquerque will work with you on making your dream venue become a reality!

Some Venues Just Aren’t the Right Size

If you’re inviting 100 people and your church seats 800, your wedding is just going to feel under-attended. Conversely, if you want to have 300 people at your wedding and your church is very small, you’re going to need to find another place for your Albuquerque wedding.

Decorating is included

ABQPartySpace is an excellent blank slate on which you can create a wonderful wedding. With all of our packages we include 1 hour and 45 minutes of decorating/setup time for FREE.

The Reception Space Is Bad

We are the  perfect place to have your wedding and your wedding reception venue all-in-one. We have a huge dance floor! As we mentioned above, if you want some private dance lessons, we can help with that also!

Don’t Forget: We’re A Wedding Dinner Venue Too!

Let’s not forget, our party space can handle your entire wedding weekend! We can host your wedding and the reception, but the night before we can also be your wedding dinner venue. Bring your own food or let us cater it for you!

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Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids’ birthday parties can be a great time…if you’re a kid! If you’re the parent or guardian of a child who’s having a party, it can be a huge deal that ends up costing you a lot of money (not to mention your sanity!).

Why Choose Our Kids Birthday Party Place?

Here are some very big reasons you might want to choose our kids’ birthday party venue in Albuquerque.

You Don’t Have To Clean Up Before

One of the most traditional places to have a kids birthday party is at your house. But if you do, you’ll have to spend a lot of time beforehand getting your house presentable for the kids and their parents.

You Don’t Have To Clean Up After

Perhaps the most appealing part of having a party at our birthday party venue is that you don’t have to clean up after! Collect your kid, collect the presents, and you’re out the door…we’ll take care of the cleanup!

Our Birthday Party Venue Is Centrally Located

We know we keep bringing this up, but if your kid has friends all over town, more of them are going to be able to come if you have it at a central location in Albuquerque. 

We Provide the Jumper!

Want to rent a bounce house? Don’t bother, because we’ve got that covered!

We Have a Dance Floor

Why not give the kids a place to dance? If they’re not interested in bouncing, we bet they’d enjoy you putting some music on our state-of-the-art DJ system and getting the wiggles out.

Kids Birthday Parties

Baby Shower Venue

Baby Shower Venue

Baby showers are an incredibly fun occasion, but the number of people who can be invited is often limited by the size of someone’s home. Why limit the number of presents the new mother will get just because a house can only accommodate 10 people? Treat the mother right by hosting her a party at our baby shower venue!

Why Choose Us As your Place To Have A Baby Shower?

Here are some of the other advantages you can get from using our baby shower venue.

We have Space

We have two large rooms for when you’re hosting a large baby shower, one that holds 116 people and one that seats 144. We’ll also provide the tables and chairs!

We’re Centrally Located

Right off the Big I, anyone can easily get to our baby shower venue.

No Cleaning Up The House…Before or After!

If you host a baby shower at a house, you’ll spend hours or days cleaning up beforehand to get it looking nice. Even worse, you’ll have a lot of cleaning to do after! You can forget about both of those when you use our baby shower rental space!

Save Money

If you need the space, renting any other space in Albuquerque (such as a hotel conference room or a restaurant) is going to cost you a lot more than our baby shower venue.

Any Day of the Week

We can accommodate your party any day of the week, day or night. With ample (and free!) time to set up beforehand, you’re sure to pull off a great baby shower!

Have a great baby shower