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It has been said that a child’s birthday is truly a reason to celebrate, but lets be honest for a moment planning a child’s birthday party can be overwhelming and sometimes, before you know it, the little party you’ve organized has suddenly turned into an all out extravaganza. By having a party at ABQ Party Space you can ease some of the stress of throwing a party and, prevent you from feeling like a beat up piñata. The venue has 3-hour kids birthday party packages, which are perfect, and to top it off you have your own private room where the children and families are able to enjoy each other’s company. Included with the room is a huge jumper that provides lots of entertainment at no additional cost. There is a host included in the rental of the room to handle anything from spills to changing the trash, which really allows you to enjoy the birthday child and when the party is over all you have to do is gather your belongings and the cleaning is done. What more could you ask for when celebrating your little ones birthday! The venue works with Da Vinci’s Pizza a delicious local...

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The wedding was picture-perfect filled with family, friends and loved ones! From beautiful centerpieces to homemade desserts and many decorations, the couple’s wedding vision came to life due to the couple themselves! “ABQ Party Space was the absolute perfect venue for a couple like us,” they said. “We wanted to be able to hand-select all of our vendors and we loved the versatility and flexibility of the venue, especially with all of the bold decor that we wanted to incorporate in our day. We were able to completely transform the venue to match the vision we had for the wedding. From the large hardwood dance floor to the neutral colors we were given a great canvass to design the vision we had dreamed of. We were then able to select custom up lighting colors to light up the beautiful parachute ceiling to match perfectly with my theme, and tablecloths with overlays to bring in our colors and style. The parachute ceiling, up lighting and the tables were set up for us when we arrived so all we had to do was incorporate our personal touches and all of our items and the space really...


Celebrating a new little baby is always a good time and certainly a joyous occasion. It’s hard not to make a fuss over a new baby, even before the little one is born. That is why it is called a “shower” as the parents-to-be are typically showered with presents. These gifts make the lives of the parents much easier by providing the new member of the household with the essentials. Having a baby shower is also a way to help family and friends feel connected to the big event as they anticipate the arrival. ABQ Party Space has large rooms, which make it the perfect space to not worry about leaving anyone out and enjoying the company of every friend, and loved one. Floral was the theme and it was easy for the baby shower crew to incorporate their personal touches with the many options the venue offers. The venue was lit with custom pink and white up lighting in the room, which made the beautiful parachute ceiling glow, and white ballroom linens with shiny soft pink runners that were then covered with flowers all around the room to create the picture perfect floral baby shower. Since...

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The baby shower is a family’s first occasion to gather all their friends and family to help play a part in their child’s life. The new parents may wish to call on people to figure out who is willing and able to assist in the upbringing of their child, and help educate the child over time. People around the family, who love and care for them, want to participate in the child’s life, and a baby shower presents a great chance for them to give gifts and be of help, showing their love for the family. Guests bring small, cute gifts for the expectant mother that she can utilize later, such as diapers, clothes, blankets, toys, and baby bottles.

Planning a baby shower is quite a difficult task. Usually, it is planned or hosted by a mother’s close female friend or a family member. One needs to take time out of their busy schedules and plan all the minor and major details like, where do they have to celebrate it? For an event like a baby shower, the venue must be decided very carefully since it’s usually a ‘ladies only’ party, also the afterwards mess is a lot to clean up. So, if you...