Baby Shower in Albuquerque

Celebrating a new little baby is always a good time and certainly a joyous occasion. It’s hard not to make a fuss over a new baby, even before the little one is born. That is why it is called a “shower” as the parents-to-be are typically showered with presents. These gifts make the lives of the parents much easier by providing the new member of the household with the essentials. Having a baby shower is also a way to help family and friends feel connected to the big event as they anticipate the arrival. ABQ Party Space has large rooms, which make it the perfect space to not worry about leaving anyone out and enjoying the company of every friend, and loved one. Floral was the theme and it was easy for the baby shower crew to incorporate their personal touches with the many options the venue offers. The venue was lit with custom pink and white up lighting in the room, which made the beautiful parachute ceiling glow, and white ballroom linens with shiny soft pink runners that were then covered with flowers all around the room to create the picture perfect floral baby shower. Since ABQ Party Space is so accommodating a bartender was hired through the venue and there was a “Mom-osa” bar to match the theme, as well as gorgeous dessert bar with cupcakes, pink onesie cookies and other pink goodies. In order to ensure that family was focused on celebrating the mommy to be the food was catered through ABQ Party Space, delicious subs that were from Jersey Mikes, such a great option for a baby shower! The shower was beautiful and the new Mom looked like she will be ready for the arrival of her new little one.