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Kids Birthday Party In Albuquerque, NM

It has been said that a child’s birthday is truly a reason to celebrate, but lets be honest for a moment planning a child’s birthday party can be overwhelming and sometimes, before you know it, the little party you’ve organized has suddenly turned into an all out extravaganza. By having a party at ABQ Party Space you can ease some of the stress of throwing a party and, prevent you from feeling like a beat up piñata. The venue has 3-hour kids birthday party packages, which are perfect, and to top it off you have your own private room where the children and families are able to enjoy each other’s company. Included with the room is a huge jumper that provides lots of entertainment at no additional cost. There is a host included in the rental of the room to handle anything from spills to changing the trash, which really allows you to enjoy the birthday child and when the party is over all you have to do is gather your belongings and the cleaning is done. What more could you ask for when celebrating your little ones birthday! The venue works with Da Vinci’s Pizza a delicious local pizza parlor that offers easy customization to accommodate the needs of everyone at the party; the ease of ordering and having everything delivered is a great addition. ABQ Party Space is known for making sure that every last detail has met in order to make the party special and that the family has enjoyed the celebration of the birthday child.