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Picture Perfect Wedding In Albuquerque

The wedding was picture-perfect filled with family, friends and loved ones! From beautiful centerpieces to homemade desserts and many decorations, the couple’s wedding vision came to life due to the couple themselves! “ABQ Party Space was the absolute perfect venue for a couple like us,” they said. “We wanted to be able to hand-select all of our vendors and we loved the versatility and flexibility of the venue, especially with all of the bold decor that we wanted to incorporate in our day. We were able to completely transform the venue to match the vision we had for the wedding. From the large hardwood dance floor to the neutral colors we were given a great canvass to design the vision we had dreamed of. We were then able to select custom up lighting colors to light up the beautiful parachute ceiling to match perfectly with my theme, and tablecloths with overlays to bring in our colors and style. The parachute ceiling, up lighting and the tables were set up for us when we arrived so all we had to do was incorporate our personal touches and all of our items and the space really felt like ours.” Homemade desserts covered the buffet table. The open-vendor policy at ABQ Party Space allowed the bride and groom to select the caterer of their choice and gave them the flexibility to bring in their own homemade sweets like the cupcakes, and savory pies from the Bride and Grooms very talented families. It was a memorable experience through creative event planning and management. As the guests sent off the bride and groom the staff began to clean up and break down the decorations at the end of the night. Every last detail was perfect for this occasion and we couldn’t be happier for this newly married couple!