Up until now you couldn’t find a gorgeous, clean, spacious venue large enough for your whole family, centrally located, where you could bring your own food, decorate any way you want and have the venue clean up at the end all for under $400! And now you found us! Let’s get this party started!

3 steps to book your party!


Think of the fun…

What will make your baby shower awesome?

The ideal venue surrounded by everyone who is important to you…

A party hostess tending to handle any surprises.

Music, games, food, and of course presents.

All this with a price tag you can afford.

It’s all here at ABQPartySpace.

Perfect Baby Showers at Perfect Prices!

3 Reasons to call ABQPartySpace

#1 – We have beautiful up-lighting and can bathe the room in a soft blue or a pretty pink which solves three quarters of your decorating problem.

You can get everything for your shower all in one place.

That’s everything including:

  • Your choice of two beautiful banquet rooms, fully air-conditioned.
  • Beautifully appointed lobby area.
  • Free wi-fi and a free state-of-the-art music system.
  • A party hostess to take care of spills, find scissors, tie a kid’s shoe, mingle with relatives and make sure that everyone knows where to find anything they need.
  • Large handicap accessible bathrooms with changing areas.
  • Catering for all tastes and budgets, (from pizza to bagels and donuts to subs, enchiladas and more. Or bring your own food and we will provide a huge buffet area with tables, chafing dishes and a fridge, freezer and microwave.
  • A 200 car private parking lot with mobile security.
  • Easy access from I40 and I25.
  • Discounts on beautiful, ballroom linens, silk runners, bows and overlays in over 30 colors.

And at the end of the party, all you have to do is take home the cake. You never have to clean up.

We do it ALL.

“Best prices in town and beautiful venue. This place worked for our budget and the staff was really helpful. – Jazz Tafoya

#2 – We’re Your Baby Shower Coach and Cheerleaders — You Got This.

We bend over backwards to make your guests feel at home. And we mean it.

Here’s just some of what we’ve done for our client family:


  • Show you how to make a playlist on our free state of the art system.
  • Give you advice on where to shop for cool decorations online to save money.
  • Let you use our entire atrium in the middle of the shopping center for photos.
  • Give you the key so you can come in early to hang your decorations just so.
  • Help you decide on linen colors if you want them.
  • If you can dream it up, we’ll make it happen. If we don’t have it, we’ll help you get it and we’ll save you money too.

And we’ll keep you relaxed and smiling along the way.

“The staff was nothing short of amazing. They were so helpful from the moment I got there to decorate, to the moment we left. They put ice in our sodas without asking, lit the food warmers and were overall great.” – Melissa R.

“What a wonderful crew they have working there. Fernando was professional, helpful, and kind. He met me there very early the next day to get our stuff because I wasn’t able to come later in the day and didn’t want to stay until the end of the party as I was there early to set up. The other gentleman helped me hang a beautiful styrofoam snowflake from the Disco ball and was so happy to help! The server was very sweet. They made it enjoyable and fun and took the stress away!”
“The employees are professional, courteous and make it very easy and convenient to have an event there. You basically tell them what you want, and they help you to the best of their ability to make it happen. You can use any vendors you want, bring in your own food, alcohol (served by their assigned bartender of course), have your own DJ’s or bands, there is a lovely dance floor, and you can decorate the place as you wish. Their prices are very affordable, with no hidden fees…I give this place two thumbs up, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in having a relaxed party in a great atmosphere.” – Christy B

#3 – Other Stuff You Never Even Thought Of

Do you have lots of kids coming? Great! We have a huge bounce house they can play in. And our service company can hire you a face painter.

Who’s going to help carry in that huge cooler filled with sodas? We will.

Who has a desk filled with scissors, thread, first aid kits, markers, pins and paper? We do!

Who has your back if you run out of virtually ANYTHING while setting up your event? We do!

“THEY CLEAN UP EVERYTHING!!! – I felt bad and had my family start cleaning and the gentleman INSISTED we leave it to him. It was refreshing because I was exhausted by the end of the party…

I plan on throwing my Best Friends 40th Birthday party here. I pray that the space is available!!!…. UPDATE: I hear that they did some renovations….I’M SO SUPER EXCITED!!!” – Maria Chavez

Who are we, you ask?  The Robin Hood of Albuquerque Events — We Give Back.

“Affordable Events for Everyone” is our motto, and we move mountains to make it happen.

We donate our space to help charities and to families in dire situations.

We buy birthday cakes for kids in childrens’ homes. We throw $89 specials so that single moms who can barely make ends meet can have a party for their kids during the week.

We give discounts to APD, AFD and military personnel and vets.

We collect bags of clothing for hurricane victims and give discounts to people who use our space for good things for the community.

Ready to learn more about what we can do for your wedding?

Contact us for a tour and a price quote today.

Prices to rent either of our beautifully appointed banquet rooms range from $329 to $449 on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and Sunday evenings. Ask about our weeknight specials.Banquet Room Pricing for Your Event:

  • All parties come with 1 hour and 45 minutes FREE decorating/setup time included.
  • Afternoon parties may start at any time but must end by 4pm. Evening parties may start at 5:30 pm or later and end by 1 am.
  • If you would like to serve alcohol you need Insurance, a bartender and an additional security person. $120 for a three hour event, $160 for a 4 hour
    event and $200 for a 5 hour event. You may bring your own beer, wine or mixed drinks. Our service company personnel will card and pour. No one without a valid ID may be served.

To see our Alcohol Policy click here.

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