Kids Birthdays

Congratulations. It’s a Birthday Milestone!

Now you’re off on a mission to find the perfect place to celebrate. And make no mistake. It’s a mission.

But in the end, you’ll be able to host the perfect party at ABQPartySpace.

Your child means everything to you. Your baby. But you’re pressed for time, (and money) managing life’s daily challenges: Work, family, soccer, dance, gymnastics, food shopping AND finding a venue? Are you thinking your family party is too big to all fit in your house, but you don’t want to spend $10,000? It’s not a wedding!

You need a place that is cool. Your family needs a large venue. Maybe one that allows you to bring your own food.

Beginning to feel the stress? Thinking there has got to be a better way? The hotels and their bird food are WAY too expensive. The Moose Lodges smell like “well to be honest, moose!”

But that’s where WE come in. ABQPartySpace is the most popular venue in Albuquerque for a lot of reasons.

  • Two huge, clean, crisp, private rooms seating 116 and 144;
  • Beautiful up-lighting in any color to match your theme;
  • White silk curtains with twinkle lights on the walls and ceiling;
  • A huge 13 foot, bouncey house right in the room. FREE!
  • All the tables, chairs, food buffet tables, gift tables, cake tables you need;
  • A state-of-the-art stereo system with free Wi-Fi and a wireless microphone;
  • Fridge freezer and microwave and lots of coolers and chafing dishes for your food;
  • Central location right off I40 on Menaul Blvd and 4th st.
  • Huge private parking lot with 200 spots and security (This is super important!);
  • Hours of free decorating time to turn your room into the party of your dreams
  • At the end of the event we do all the cleanup! You take your gifts and go!

You need a place that will allow you to decorate with ANY POSSIBLE THEME YOU CAN THINK OF! Who is gonna do that?

We’re talking’ Frozen, Ninja Turtles, Minions, Spider Man, Jungle Book, Lion King. You dream up the ideas, we have the space!

All that and weekend day-time prices range from only $329 to $449. It’s no wonder that we book up FAST!

Wanna save 60% on your party? Weeknight specials Monday thru Thursday are only $149.

Fun Facts

Your party room comes complete with all the tables and chairs you need.

If you want to decorate the room in a special way you have several hours prior to your rental to do so. If you need more time, we can adjust accordingly and even give you a key. Just ask us.

To reserve your date, it’s only 25% down. You can literally call now and have your party booked in 10 minutes. $100 on your card and you’re good to go! (Call 505 250 5807.)

Of course, if you’d like to come see, just call for an appointment or book a tour below. And if you have more questions about dates and times and prices etc., just fill out the form and we will get right back to you.

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Avery and his team are wonderful.

“Avery and his team are wonderful. We have used this place 3 times and working on #4. Our space is always ready to go on time, and with everything we need. ABQ Party Space is a safe and clean place to go for our family celebrations!! – Celeste Rael


My experience...was amazing

“From beginning to end my experience with Avery and his team was amazing… Everyone had the best time. All of our guests kept complimenting on the venue. This spot was perfect for us because they had everything I needed in order to give a GREAT party. THEY CLEAN UP EVERYTHING!!!” – Maria Chavez