ABQPartySpace Terms of Agreement


1. You may bring any type of food that you wish.

2. If you need to heat food please bring your own slow cookers. (Maximum 2 large ones.)

3. You may bring sterno and pans and use as many as you like. This is by far the easiest.

We will give you all the water for pans that you need or you may bring your own.

4. If you are doing punch or lemonade please bring your own dispensers and pitchers.

5. Take all of the leftovers that you want to take home. We will clean up the rest.

6. Please bring cups, plates, plastic cutlery, napkins, table cloths and ice.

7. We have a fridge and a cooler that you may use.

Terms of Agreement:

1. Your Balance is due 30 days before your event.

2. However parties over $500 must be paid in full 45 days prior to event date.

3. If your event is booked less than 30 days in advance, balance is due 10 days before the

event. (Not paying on time will not absolve you of the responsibility to pay.)

4. Deposits are NEVER refundable after 24 hrs.

5. Cancelling FOR ANY REASON 60 days or less prior to an event requires full payment.

6. If you cancel with over 60 days left you must pay 50% of the total. (Less what you paid.)

7. Failure to show up or failure to provide written 60 day notice or “in person notice”

requires payment in full whether you have the event or not.

8. We can accept checks as deposits but only cash or Visa/Mastercard for the balance.

9. Making your deposit means you as the host, agree with the terms above.


1. If you book a bartender we will have your professional licensed bartender who can make

any drinks you like.

2. You may bring beer, wine or mixed drinks. You supply all the alcohol, cups, napkins etc.

3. We cannot serve shots or jello shots. So all spirits must have mixers.

4. All alcohol must be kept behind the bar. (No byob.)

5. Anyone who wishes to drink must show valid ID to the server.

6. Only one drink per person at a time may be dispensed.

7. You may not bring drinks to anyone else.

8. We reserve the right to refuse anyone who might appear impaired.

9. We reserve the right to refuse anyone not following our policies or NM State Law.

10. We reserve the right to close the bar if policies are violated more than once.

11. At the end of the night we will pack your alcohol up.

12. At our discretion we may ask that you pick it up the next day.

13. Please do not use beer bottles. Use cans. Bring cups. (20 oz. solo cups)

14. Alcohol is absolutely not permitted outside the venue in open containers.

15. Anyone drinking alcohol on or around the premises (I.e. in their cars) may at our

discretion be asked not to come back into the event.


1. You may bring any decorations you like, including balloons, banners etc. We can supply

you with ladders and pushpins. Feel free to bring more pushpins if you need a lot.

2. Please do not glue or Velcro anything to the walls. We have push pins.

3. Please do not use “paper” confetti. Plastic is fine.

4. No open flames are allowed except for cake candles or unity candles. Use battery

operated tea lights.

Equipment and Capacity:

1. You may use our tables, chairs, stereo system, speakers, lights and other equipment.

However should you or your guests break any equipment you will be responsible for

replacing it or paying the replacement cost within 14 days.

2. West Room holds 116. East Room holds 144. Combined rooms hold 260.

3. Our address is 300 Menaul Blvd NW, ABQ, NM 87107

4. Telephone: 505-273-7665

5. Email avery@abqpartyspace.com