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Wedding Chapel

Wedding Ceremony: $99

*not including officiant – Call us for officiant’s list

*ask us about photos etc.

  • Most Popular Wedding Chapel
  • Lots of Free Parking
  • Conveniently located right off the highway
  • Flexible hours
  • Four different wedding officiants to fit any style and personality
  • Super low price
  • Beautiful Venue and beautiful Chapel
  • Come in Single, Leave Happily Married

What you get:

Private room with church pew, an aisle runner and a choice of three beautiful arches, set in front of a gorgeous white chiffon curtained background that can be up-lit in any color, perfect for a short but memorable ceremony and maybe even a photo op.

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My name is Christina Sosa and I am the manager at ABQ Wedding Chapel inside ABQPartySpace. I know you will have the perfect ceremony here and here are the two reasons why.

1. I am the manager and I can offer you a perfect place for your ceremony.

2. I had my wedding here. So I know it will be exactly what you want.


My name is Fernando Sosa and I am also a manager at ABQ Wedding Chapel inside ABQPartySpace. Either myself or my wife Christina will be on hand the day of your ceremony. You’re in good hands. That’s our promise to you.